Text Box: Happy Adoptions
Text Box: We are so proud to show you the dogs we find homes for!

Meet Franny and her new mom!  Her past owners did not think enough of her to take her along with them when they left and went their separate ways.  The sad part was she was left in a trailer without care and in the dark for days.  My organization stepped in, made the necessary arrangements for transport (who were instrumental in her being saved) and arrived in Milwaukee, WI two weeks later.  The happy ending to her story is, however, she is fostered by one of my volunteers Cecilia, and she has become FFARI’s official mascot. 


First Friends Animal Rescue, Inc.


What a pair.  She is a long distance runner and he is a power runner.  He searched for a long while for the right person and found her.  He has made a new friend with her best friend’s dog, Teddy.  He shares his new home with two felines whom he is trying to get to know.  I would not be a bit surprised to see Phantom and Nicole in a half marathon or whole marathon very soon.  Phantom will always hold a part of FFARI’S HEART.  We hope to hear of their adventures as the grow together.  See below for an update on their latest adventure together.

A perfect match has been made.  Miss Ellie knew he was the one.  She is living in Slinger, WI with a very wonderful man who will take care of her for the rest of her life.  He is very lucky also in that she is truly a very affectionate and caring little dog who knows no boundaries with her heart.  FFARI is very happy to know both of these exceptional beings.  This picture is worth a 1000 words, look at how happy they are.  Good luck to both of you and don’t be strangers now, you hear.





This picture says it all “happy”.  Ringo was very particular who he liked; and at first sight of Jeff took airborn to him immediately.  All he had to say was “up Ringo” and up he went.  Ringo met over 62 different people and would not go with any of them.  A dog knows who he wants to be with.  Ringo will have two homes, since Jeff is a truck driver he will be “on the road” with Jeff and then home in South Dakota for weekends and with Jeff’s son.  Jeff is a former Jack Russell Terrier owner and knows about the energy level and character that these dogs possess.  I correspond with Jeff regularly and wish both of them the best of luck.  And Ringo and Jeff, if you are ever in Wisconsin, please stop in!